My Helpers

Shelton Barnett
Assistant Fire Chief for Lawrenceburg, TN and Codes Inspector
Shelton regularly assists me with Ground System work
and general electrical work.  Shelton currently holds an Amateur No Code Tech license with the call
of KF4AKV.

In this image he has just recognized his name on the Publishers Clearing House finalists list.  He has since
recognized 14 other new and difficult words.

Jeremy Snider
Jeremy is the Service Manager for Communications Services of Lawrenceburg, TN

Jeremy helps with all local construction projects and covers my calls when I am out of town.  Jeremy is also the
holder of an Amateur No Code Tech License with the call of KF4YOH.

In this picture, he has just realized that a mic and a console do not a radio station make.

Tad Methvin
Tad is a full time fireman with the Lawrenceburg, TN Fire Dept and a part time Realtor.  Tad is a
nickname that has hung around since BEFORE his birth.  When his father asked his mother
if she was pregnant she replied "Just a tad".  And hence Max Stancel Methvin the 3rd came to be.

Gary Pulley
Gary is a full time fireman and paramedic with the Lawrenceburg, TN Fire Department.

In the near future I will be posting pictures and some more information on my helpers.

For now just let me say thanks to:

Steve Carter
Jeremy Johnson
Any others I've left out.